Allergiaystävälliset ja lisäaineettomat YumEarth-herkut ovat aidosti luonnonmukaisia. Ei piilonimiä, GMO:ta tai keinotekoisia väri- ja makeutusaineita.


Natural energy and body balance

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Loumuherkut is a family-owned online store offering 100% organic products.

We offer organic, additive-free, gluten-free, vegan and allergen-free products. We are the official importer of YumEarth sweets in Finland.

Deliveries from our own warehouse in Tampere quickly all over Finland.

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A lightly tangy treat

Sour Beans sweets have become a favorite, and for good reason. Four flavors; mango, apple, peach and pomegranate, combined with just the right amount of tartness.

Sour Beans sweets now cheap from €1.50!



CandyTree lollipops 4 pcs €2

CandyTree lollipops in Outlet offer 4 pcs for €2. The discount is automatically calculated at checkout. Lollipops individually €0.80 / pc

Handmade organic lollipops without extra fuss.

Choose freely from 7 flavors: pineapple, strawberry, blackcurrant, maple syrup, raspberry, cherry.



Genuine biodegradable chewing gum

According to the ancient tradition of the Mayan Indians, natural chewing gum pulp, Chicle, is obtained from the rainforest, which is the basis of 100% Chicza chewing gum. Chicle is the sap/sweet liquid of the Sapotilla tree, which is collected with sustainable principles from the rainforests of Central America.

Read our comprehensive article about Chicza chewing gum and why we don't recommend traditional chewing gum to anyone.


Let's do our best together to reduce food waste

Food waste often occurs when food that is perfectly edible and in good condition is thrown into the trash.

We at Luomuherkui have created a separate Outlet section, where you can make discoveries and get to try new flavors inexpensively. Discounts up to -70%.

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