Collection: Outlet

In our outlet, you can find goodies at an affordable price. The products are either seasonal products that are removed from our selection or products that are removed due to their best-before date. You can also find other current campaign products on this page.

We don't sell products near the best-before date at normal prices, but we want to do our best to minimize food waste. For this reason, we continue to sell fully usable products at constantly cheaper prices in the outlet.

Let's do our best together to reduce the loss!

  • What's the best before?

    The "best before" marking means the product's minimum shelf life. The best-before label is not used on easily perishable products and, for example, dry products such as flakes and porridges are stored properly
    stored as edible even months after the best-before date has passed.

    We do not sell products with an expiration date. This label is typically on perishable products of animal origin.

  • Where does food waste come from?

    Food waste often occurs when completely edible and
    good food is thrown away. Unfortunately, this often happens to products whose best-before date has passed. Usually, the food is still completely edible at this stage.

    Deterioration of the product is easy to detect by the senses in products with a best-before date.

  • Together against food waste

    At Luomuherkuli, we want to avoid food waste on our part. As the best-before date approaches, most stores remove the products either after a short discount period or immediately into the trash.

    We know the actual shelf life of our product and that's why we offer date products at significant discounts. At the same time, we enable you to purchase organic products at a more affordable price. With the affordable price, it's also easier to try new flavors!