Family-owned domestic online store.

The idea of ​​slightly better delicacy products originated from a family man's desperate attempt to find ecological and additive-free, organic delicacies for small children and the whole family. When examining the selection in Finland and the rest of Europe, it became clear that in order to get the best possible products, orders would have to be placed in several different places, and sometimes also outside of Europe. Several postage fees had to be paid and it was a chore to find out several different delivery conditions and product information from different places. There was also surprisingly little information available. Searching for products and placing orders was not only difficult and time-consuming, but also expensive.

The basic idea behind the establishment of the company was to gather all the best delicacies under one roof, which the whole family can enjoy with a clear conscience. All the products we offer come to you from our own warehouse in Tampere. We have carefully investigated the backgrounds of the suppliers and the origins of the products as well as the raw materials, and we want you to have all the information easily at your fingertips to make better choices. If you share with us the idea that treats don't have to be saturated with additives, but value natural and cleaner alternatives, you're in the right place!

All our products are certified organic and several of them are also gluten-free and vegan.

We are happy to receive suggestions for good products. If one of your favorite products is missing from our selection, feel free to contact us. We are constantly working to find the best products for our selections.

- Mirko, founder of Loomuherkut

  • Mirko - a merchant

    Mirko is a passionate organic advocate and the founder of Luomuherkuje. He responds to your contacts and handles wholesale sales. Mirko researches and selects novelties. He explains the background of the products so that you don't have to.

  • Nina

    Niina communicates with you on social media. He updates websites and produces many visual materials.

    You may also come across them at events or trade fairs.

  • You can contact us by email:

    You can reach us on social media:

  • Organic certified raw materials

    We find out the background of the products for you, you save time.

    We only sell products certified as organic in the EU.

  • Competitive prices

    Organic products can be expensive, but we strive to ensure through our supply chains that we can offer our products at a reasonable price.

  • Fast and friendly service

    Our customer service will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

    As a rule, deliveries leave within one business day.

  • We always choose our products very carefully. All products must meet EU organic quality criteria. We want you to enjoy
    of the delicacies you choose with a better conscience, so we do the background work for you. We don't need unnecessary additives, colors or preservatives. In addition to organic quality, we prefer gluten-free and, whenever possible, vegan products.

  • We want to offer new flavors and share awareness of how versatile and high-quality products are available. We appreciate organic producers around the world and want to support their work and livelihood.

    Treats are often associated with an unhealthy diet, but did you know that you can also treat yourself smartly and there are healthier options? There is no need to stop feasting, because we also miss pleasures and good tastes.

  • We pack all orders from us ecologically in packaging that is recycled material and plastic-free. You can still recycle them 100% at home.

    For example, the Packaging bags we use have won the European Packaging Association's sustainable development award in the recyclable packaging category in 2019.

    Our tapes are also plastic-free and non-toxic.

Are the different certificates familiar?

The products in our online store have several internationally recognized certificates and labels, which tell a lot about the product's properties, manufacturing and content. All our products meet the criteria of the EU regulation on organic production.

The most important brands that you can find on our products are listed below.

  • 100% organic

    All our products have the EU organic label. It means that they meet the requirements of the EU's common organic code.

    Organic products imported from outside the EU must also meet the same requirements. This sign lets you know that the law is being followed.

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  • Fairtrade - Fair trade

    The fair trade mark on the product indicates responsibility. A product bearing the mark meets the internationally agreed social, economic and environmental criteria of Fair Trade.

    This mark indicates that the product is 100% Fair Trade raw material and can be traced through the entire supply chain from cultivation to the store shelf.

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  • Vegan Society

    The Vegan Society guarantees that the product and its manufacturing process do not contain animal products, by-products or derivatives, the product was not made on animals and does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO).

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  • Gluten free

    The brand of the gluten-free product is Europe-wide, has uniform criteria and is well known in its target group. All in all, there are already more than 22,000 products that have received the right to use the brand in Europe

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