Nova - an organic energy drink


Staying healthy doesn't mean sacrificing good taste. It means making better choices and discovering natural flavors.

Nova has reinvented the energy drink recipe; this time from the world's best raw materials, produced with genuine thought. Energy drink without unnecessary ingredients and 100% organic. Not only natural energy and balance, but also a more holistic well-being.

We believe that when it comes to your health and well-being, organic should be your first and only choice.

We want you to easily enjoy the best functional benefits of Mother Nature's plants and herbs so you can be focused and energized in an all-natural way.

Nova organic energy drinks contain 7 different natural herbs and plants ( green tea, reishi, Gingko biloba, ginseng, schisandra berries, green coffee beans, guarana seeds ), which are adaptogens, balancing the body in their own way.

Why Nova?

There is a lot of hurry in the world and various stress-causing factors. Most people live a daily life that consumes both body and mind in many ways. Recovery and the experience of a balanced state are forgotten. Stress and fatigue are commonplace and the feeling of natural energy has faded further and further away. Many people reach for cheap traditional energy drinks to get a boost for the day, but unfortunately these drinks are most typically a mixture of chemically produced ingredients and contain a lot of artificial caffeine and sugars. The number of additives is staggering; stabilizers, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, processed sugar... Acesulfame K, aspartame, sucralose, taurine... you don't need these!

Nova Organic Energy is not the only energy drink on the market with completely natural ingredients, but Nova has taken the concept of an energy drink a little deeper than the surface. Apart from the fact that Nova's energy drinks do not contain any artificial ingredients, no vague additives, no synthetic caffeine, dyes or vague sweeteners, taurine or sucrose, nature's own super substances have been harnessed into the drinks. Nova has made an unprecedented drink, even a completely organic one. This energy drink not only improves the body's natural state of alertness, concentration and endurance, it also helps our body adapt to different situations and does real good.

Nova Organic Energy contains 7 different herbs and plants that are also adaptogens. As their name suggests, adaptogens "adapt" the body and mind by balancing and calming our system. Often our body goes into overdrive or underdrive, which puts our resistance to the test. Adaptogens help to adapt to changing situations. Our body reacts to natural adaptogens in a completely natural way. Some of the herbs and plants used in Nova energy drink are refreshing and some are balancing. The drink is carefully prepared, each of its ingredients is carefully selected and there is a perfect synergy between herbs and plants. You can enjoy an energy drink without worry, without nervousness, restlessness and other typical and unpleasant after-effects of energy drinks. The caffeine contained in the drink comes from completely natural sources.

Nova Organic Energy is a premium quality energy drink, made from 100% organic ingredients, low in calories and has a low glycemic index.

Read below for more information about the contents of the drink and answers to frequently asked questions.


Without compromising your well-being.

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  • Green tea

    Green tea has numerous health-promoting benefits. It e.g. speeds up the metabolism and contains many other good things

  • Reishi

    Reishi brings balance and calmness to the body. It promotes general well-being and balances the functioning of the immune system.

    Reishi is a traditional herb/mushroom used in Chinese medicine.

  • Ginseng

    Ginseng is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to different situations. It improves oxygen uptake by cells and its best properties include, for example, improvement of endurance, reaction and concentration.

    This natural medicine that improves general health is one of the oldest known.

  • Schisandra berries

    One of the most important invigorating herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Its health effects are valued as much as ginseng,
    reishi and goji berries.

    Schisandra is also a strong antioxidant and adaptogen with a very impressive nutrient content.

  • Green coffee beans

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  • Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba, or maidenhair tree, is known as a plant that clarifies thinking and reasoning. It enhances the microcirculation in the brain, thus improving the brain's neurosensory functions and health.

    Ginkgo Biloba improves memory and information storage and processing.

Guarana seeds

Guarana is a climbing plant that grows in the Amazon, whose seeds have a stimulating and performance-enhancing effect.

Guarana naturally contains caffeine and plenty of antioxidants.


What makes your energy drinks different?

The first and most important difference is
our unique herbal recipe. We decided not to use a readily available and cheap cocktail of sugar, artificial caffeine and artificial ingredients.

Instead, we dedicated 2 years of our time to develop a completely new organic recipe,
which is based on herbal extracts. After extensive consultation and testing, we ended up with 7 recipes based on herbal extracts. As a result, our drinks allow you to experience clean, balanced and long-lasting energy, and possibly even deliver
several functional and health benefits for you along the way.

Another - but no less important - difference is the taste of our drink. By connecting only
using the finest organic ingredients, we managed to create 3 distinctive and great-tasting organic drinks.

What ingredients do you use in your energy drinks?

Our drinks contain organic juice from concentrate, organic fruit extracts, natural flavors, organic agave water syrup, organic erythritol and a comprehensive blend of 7 organic herbal extracts.

Does your energy drink have coffee-based caffeine?

No, we don't use in our drinks
no coffee-based caffeine at all. However, our drinks contain plenty of naturally occurring caffeine from guarana extract and green tea extract
due to use.

The total amount of caffeine is limited to only 75 mg/can (comparable to 3/4 cup of coffee or 2 cups of green tea).

Is there a difference between caffeine in coffee and caffeine in guarana?

Guarana contains guaranine, which is chemically
identical to caffeine. The big difference is that guarana also contains molecules called tannins, which cause the caffeine in guarana to be released slowly, creating a long-lasting energy boost that can last up to 6 hours!

Is there a difference between coffee-based caffeine and green tea caffeine?

Although most people are
agree that green tea provides a milder "buzz" than coffee, its caffeine is chemically identical.

The difference is that green tea also contains L-theanine. Caffeine and L-theanine work together to provide sustained energy and healing
brain function. Our green tea is also very rich in catechins, theaflavins, tannins, flavonoids and polyphenols

No caffeine in your energy drink because of the green coffee beans?

No, we use decaffeinated green coffee bean extract. It consists mainly of chlorogenic acid, but does not contain caffeine. Chlorogenic acid is a useful antioxidant and has a mild psychostimulant effect (about one-third that of caffeine). Moreover, it can
reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and glucose during digestion, reduces appetite, reduces daily calorie intake and
causes body fat loss through thermogenesis.

What sweeteners are used in your energy drinks?

We wanted our drinks to be
as healthy as possible for everyone. That's why we used sweeteners with the lowest glycemic index and lowest calorie count. Organic erythritol contains 0.24 Kcal/gram and its glycemic index is 1,
organic agave syrup contains 3.10 Kcal/g and its glycemic index
is 15

Organic erythritol is the only EU-approved sweetener in organic products. It is the only one that is completely organic
a sweetener with an EU ready food permit.

What is organic erythritol?

Organic erythritol is produced by a natural process by fermenting organic fruit, yeast and/or corn starch. As an osmoprotectant produced by microorganisms, it is an ideal substitute for sucrose and may be more suitable for, for example, diabetics or overweight people
for humans due to its almost zero calorie content.

Why don't you use stevia?

The stevia plant is defined
In the EU at the moment as a novel food and its use in prepared foods is not allowed in the EU for the time being.

Products sweetened with stevia on the market use a sweetener called steviol glycoside, which is often misleadingly
is referred to under the general name stevia. Stevioliglycoside (E960/E960a) is based on the leaf extract of the stevia plant, but a considerable amount of additives are added to the extract during the process. The process and its final product
is so chemical that this sweetener is not suitable
to organic food.

So steviol glycoside is not
not at all the same thing as the stevia plant and its marketing as a natural sweetener is misleading to the consumer.

The ingredients allowed in organic products are very strictly limited and the only currently allowed sweetener is organic erythritol.

What is the origin of the natural aromas in your products?

The aromas we use are 100% plant-based and do not contain
synthetic/microbial or animal derived ingredients. Flavorings are indicated in the ingredient list. The aromas we use are truly natural and vegan.

Where does the citric acid you use come from?

Citric acid is of completely natural origin. Organic legislation unequivocally prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms in the production of organic foods. For this reason, we do not use, for example, those derived from GMO corn that are common on the market
additives in our products.

How much sugar is in your energy drinks?

The amount of sugar in each of our drinks is limited to 4.28 grams per 100ml and 19 kcal per 100ml, which ensures that all our drinks are low in calories.

Why is there no sugar-free version available?

In the EU, it is not allowed to use natural ingredients in prepared foods
strong sweeteners such as organic tevia or
monk fruit extract. For this reason, we do not have a 0 Kcal version of our drinks available.

Why do you use organic juice from concentrate?

Simply because we care about the environment! Juice made from concentrate takes up less space during transport and therefore has a smaller carbon footprint.

Is "regular juice" healthier than "juice from concentrate"?

Not at all! Concentrated juice is pressed from the fruit and then filtered through a processor, which only separates the water, but leaves all the nutrients, fiber and vitamins in the concentrate.

Why do your energy drinks look cloudy and do they contain a small amount of sediment?

Because we only use organic ingredients in our drinks, there is a natural cloudiness and sediment. Tilt the can before sipping it and enjoy all the healthy organic products!

Why do you use BPA-free cans?

Because we care about your health! BPA is a chemical that is often used
for coating the inside of aluminum cans. It has hormone-like properties that can be absorbed into food or drinks. Exposure to BPA can suppress a gene that is vital to the central nervous system
development and can even cause cancer and immunity problems.

Where is your energy drink made?

Our drinks are made and bottled in a family business in Upper Austria. This company owns a private mineral water spring that has stood the test of time with a neutral taste, low mineralization and before
all thanks to excellent quality.